Gensoft website designs are reason of your business growth

Web Design Solution that brings your dream in to vision:

Gensoft is one of the best web design company in Pakistan that is proudly giving various kinds of services to their valuable clients which includes website development, website designing and different nature of web design services along with static and dynamic web design services. Our key quality is we can serve our customers with quality work on time they want we are working from many years in this field and we know how to work in this field.

Are you looking for a web design company which is reliable? Gensoft is the business leader web design company which is working for more than 90 countries.

We are the business leaders of the web design companies we are best in template designs, static designs, flash designs and dynamic designs. We are working for both small and large business companies; we know all the web needs. We understand that your site is making your portfolio over the internet that is why we care.

 Advantages of designing a website with Gensoft Company:

  • Web designs that are SEO friendly.
  • Numerous Revisions.
  • W3C authenticated pattern.
  • Conventional Web Design.
  • Compatible to all the browsers and platforms.
  • Expert, interactive and tempting design.
  • Navigation is user friendly.
  • Based on result web design services.
  • Use of the newest expertise to generate brilliant designs.
  • Uphold 100% information secrecy.
  • Money-spinning and quantifiable results.
  • 24/7 customer support.
  • Panel of 5+ years skilled web designers.
  • Promise of 100% customer approval.
  • Executing established methodologies.
  • 15 years in the industry of increasing imaginative websites.
  • Above 350 top-notch websites developed for customers in India and worldwide in many countries.
  • Skilled User Interface designers, coders and content developers.
  • Focused in most of the Portal and Ecommerce website design.
  • Elegant mixing of social media
  • Extraordinary center of attention on change optimization – making sure you supplementary leads per visit.
  • Skilled in the Website optimization so that you can rank well on search engines.
  • For website maintenance special team is available for support.


Standards of W3C: 

  • Some of the responsive features and the consistency of cross browsers.
  • To make the site easy to use go for clear navigation.
  • Navigation and reading through the mobile is easy site should be compatible with phones.
  • All the content should be written in spontaneous manner.
  • Portfolio of the company must reflect from the website.

We are offering diverse range of facilities in web services that includes:

  • Services of graphic designing.
  • Web designs either that are dynamic or static.
  • Website designs that should be responsive.
  • Traditional web designs.
  • Designs of web portals.

A best quality site assist customers to pick effectively, select and order a specific product online. Thousands of clients are over the internet looking for the best services and products, may be some of them you have but you are invisible because you do not have the best designed website.

We at Gensoft facilitate you with all the requirements you want. Our experts will guide you with all the professional process of web design. We are customer oriented and low price so you don’t have to worry about that.

Gensoft web design solution is a complete featured firm which can provide rich designs, e-commerce sites and search engine friendly websites.

Website Design and website Development

Gensoft facilitates expert web designs, web development and web maintenance solution. Our proficient website designers and web developers are working together on most of the projects from very advanced sites to small sites and web portal can also designed. Gensoft has all the technical and business skills to develop and design web even they are very complex our experts can handle well.

Front-end Functionality

Functionality is something that converts your small shop into interactive tool for business. By providing traditional built services Gensoft is able to facilitate you with all the functionalities that suit the needs of your business. If you want to add some of the functionalities you can ask for them we can change the requirement in affordable cost and at the end of the day you will get the best advantage of this small investment.

Back-office Administration


It depends on the need of the customer we can incorporate diverse back-office administration solutions that will provide you competent control on the different operations of the website. This includes the content writing which is non official, admin of the user, permissions and authentication rights, customers, payments, catalogs and others.

Website Design Tools

If you are searching for a reliable and dependable firm and you want someone to work according to your ideas than you need to call Gensoft. We are the full web design firm. We are providing our customers with:

Small websites that is informational

Solution and portals of large enterprises.

Content Management System.

For real estate brokers MLS and IDX integration.

Innovative design, 3D designs, CSS designs and flash designs.

Coding and scripting languages (ASP.NET, PHP, JAVA




Website Design Features

We have fashioned a broad range of websites that employ a quantity of practical features to attain their objectives.  Below is a list covering some of those features:

  • Website of donations
  • Ad postings
  • Slide shows including audios
  • Comments on the blogs
  • Forms for contact
  • Content admin
  • Writing
  • Traditional design
  • Coupons that are printable
  • Directories
  • Secure shopping carts
  • credit card payments
  • Email services
  • Event management
  • FaceBook incorporation
  • Sharing files
  • Discussion boards
  • Maps which are innovative
  • Solutions of internet marketing
  • Cards and gifts
  • Email list joining
  • Setup for appointments
  • Backlinks
  • Designs of logos
  • Mobile app development
  • Mobile app designing

This catalog is in no method all surrounding as each project fetches us fresh quality requests. All websites we generate are restricted by a variety of content organization systems for website owners to effortlessly manage their content. Actually, we haven’t formed a static site in approximately 2 years, and have no tactics to generate or control any in the prospect.


Features of web design:

Expert Design options:

Design Themes

  • Fully tailored design.
  • Included more than 80 professional layouts.
  • Editors and managers of integrated design.
  • Full access to HTML or CSS.
  • Java script editing, CSS and color coded HTML.
  • With a click instantly apply a theme.
  • With a single click switch between designs.
  • To modify design download full source.
  • For the same site you can use multiple themes.

Design Editors are amazing:

  • You can tailor your own theme by mixing multiple themes
  • You can easily change font, style, color, design and other many things.
  • Before you are going to publish preview changes.

Light CMS professionals assistance:

  • Thousands of skilled Light content management professionals
  • Now get a traditional web design
  • Assistance from the Light CMS tools.

Design your own site:

  • Design flexibility should be ultimate.
  • Use all the standards of CSS and HTML.
  • Use client side language as a must like jQuery.
  • To learn their should not be a proprietary language.
  • Document and support must be of full design.
  • You can design what you want by getting FTPS access.
  • You can design with any software of your choice.
  • Custom themes can be uploaded.
  • Fully web based
  • No freeware to download.

Security and hosting:                     

  • 100 percent up time of the hosting site.
  • Fiber backbone with redundant OC3.
  • Balanced load on the server array.
  • Performance will never affected by the traffic spikes.
  • Clouds are hosted and widely varied.
  • No upgrades in software.
  • Easy to store data.
  • Backups are always available.
  • We respond immediately on our own systems.
  • Best team to call is available 24/7.
  • Power grids are redundant.
  • Site fuel storage, generator and battery backups are available.
  • HVAC cooling equipments are redundant.
  • On site physical security.

Search Engine Optimization:


  • URLs that are keyword friendly, conventional and static for SEO.
  • Loading speed of the pages is very fast.
  • Open Graphic Integration is automatic.
  • Global header code insertion setting is allowed in field.
  • Sitemaps are easily available.
  • Keywords and Meta descriptions are making level of the page.
  • Link title access and proper alt tags.
  • Search friendly pages are those pages which meet the standard of the web
  • Web analytics should be built in and the page should be light.

Administration of the page:

  • Add more pages that can be open with one click.
  • Hide some of the pages.
  • Body class of CSS should be use properly.
  • Encrypt all the pages with the security shield.
  • Edit a page and give permissions and authentications to the users to make changes in the page.


  • Best quality mail assistance and responsive.
  • System features inline assistance in the articles and other news.
  • Helping site for the designers.
  • End user and user guide is available online
  • Blogs that will explain about product updates and other notifications.
  • Social media links and fan following.

Event calendar:

  • Calendar should have multiple events and entries.
  • Events that are occurring externally can be pulled.
  • Event details should also available along with the rich text.
  • Pages that are having events should be focused.
  • Events that are recurring should be mentioned.


Builder of forms:

  • Completely tailored form can be quickly designed and completed.
  • Field creation should be just drag and drop.
  • Database should save the data automatically.
  • Forms can be changed at any moment.
  • Notification of the email should be custom.
  • Fields that are needed should be set.
  • For security purpose CAPTCHA should be set.
  • Messages for traditional response.
  • Data exporting in CSV and Excel sheets.

Best text:

  • Buttons and tools are familiar.
  • Editors with innovative ideas.
  • Styling the functionality with custom CSS
  • HTML editor is simple in use.
  • Drafts are saved automatically.
  • Save states are convenient.
  • Views should be simple and advanced.
  • Edit images, resizing, and image manager and uploads of the images.
  • You can easily pick the data from your desktop by just drag and drop.

Photo Galleries and Images:

  • Uploading is just by drag and drop.
  • To organize the image size drag from the edges.
  • Multiple images or the assistance ones.
  • Adaptive technology used in images when you are auto resizing the image.
  • For any screen and resolution the display of the image is on the right side.
  • Display is always retina assistant.
  • Display option should always be photo gallery.
  • Every site should have the default slideshow media.


  • Buttons should be customized.
  • Payments should be easy to transfer and receive.
  • Allow user to specify the amount or set some amount.
  • Pay Pal account should be directly linked.


  • Easy to share site with friends so everyone can visit the site.
  • Email templates are simple to create
  • Tailored

Links and files:

  • Create links or list of files.
  • From your desktop you can easily drag and drop the files.
  • Rearrange the sequence of the files
  • Create some simple links to other files or other websites.

Online that is fully integrated:

Goods are digital:

  • Storefront can easily sale both physical and digital products.
  • Digital goods should fulfill automatically.
  • File delivery should be secure.
  • Download history should be detailed.
  • For promotional purposes free download links.
  • Past customers should have new version.

Autonomous Settings of products:

  • Easy to use and simple user interface.
  • In a rich text editor add product details.
  • Upload images of the product.
  • Thumbnail should be creating automatically.
  • Set options for the product.
  • Variety in one product is important.
  • Set weight for the product.
  • Add tags to the product.
  • Add variation in prices.
  • Control of publish should be easy to on or off.
  • Some products should import from the CSV
  • Sub categories and categories should be unlimited
  • Management and controlling of the inventory.

Experience of the User is Seamless:

  • Checkout pages should be sleek and professional.
  • Credibility goes to the innovative interface.
  • Pages of products should be attractive and generate automatically.
  • Payment can be received in any currency of the world.
  • Payment with ease also accepts the credit cards.
  • Use some authenticated services of money transfer.
  • Tax tables and shipping process should be easy.
  • Discounts codes should be available and create unlimited.
  • Tax and shipping charges should be calculated automatically.
  • Content and checkout messages should be edited.
  • A receipt should issue to the customer after checkout.
  • Privacy policy and all the terms and conditions should be controlled.
  • Billing or shipping information should appear on the user account.

Store management should be powerful:

  • Dashboard should be very simple and innovative.
  • Capture orders for later or process them immediately.
  • Listing of the products should available on your page.
  • Functionality of the store should be of high quality.
  • Buttons of searching and cancelling the order should be on front.
  • Automatically track the delivery by just entering the tracking number.
  • For specific customer there should be some notes.
  • Email addresses of the customers should be exported.
  • Support every currency region
  • Create the list of the custom items.


How much time is required to make a site?

Well it depends on some of the key factors which are involved in the website development. Some of the standard designs just take 1 to 4 weeks, and it also depends on how complex a web design is and how much revision is needed. If the functionalities are increased than the time of development will also increase.

In which technology you are working in?

We are experts of CSS, Flash and XHTML, we are also proficient in ASP.NET, PHP, DHTML, JavaScript and DHTML and many other options are available. There is nothing we don’t know about the technology. We are cost effective and best.

Can we see under development site?

Yes why not we prefer for our customers to see their website when it is in the development level. We will provide you a user name and password so that you can see how the work is going. You can also suggest us something if you want to. We love the feedback of our customers and always ready for the changes.

When will you ask for the payment in the process of web development?

For small site we prefer to demand 50 percent before the work and the other payment we take is after the completion of the site. And for larger projects we take 1/3 in start and then in the middle of the project and the remaining in the end of the project.

Gensoft is facilitating with hosting too?

Yes sure we always listen the need of our customers and provide them best solution according to their need we have more affordable packages of web hosting for our valuable customers. We also do the domain registration so you don’t need to worry about anything before coming to us.

Why sites need a proficient content writer and copywriters?

You can do this by yourself but only when you thing that you can do this very well and also you have enough time of doing this task. Although we suggest you to hire someone professional for this purpose because professional know how to tackle with the work.

If you want better rankings on search engines than you should surely hire a content and copy writer who have strong English skills to get the best rankings.

Who owns the website after the completion of the website design?

When we receive our full payment, you are the owner of the website. For your relaxation we will mail you a CD of all the files of the site.

Who will work with me after placing the order for the website design?

Customer service will always be in touch with you after placing your order to us. Project manager will also talk to you regarding the project specification. On the other hand account manager will also approach you full time during the project.

If I place order what sort of guarantee you will offer?

We promise our designs will never disappoint you. We will show you the basic prototype of the designs if you don’t like the design we will revise the design if you don’t like that too we will never force you to work with us we will refund all your payment. But the work done by us will owned by us we will never let you use our proto types.

Can I update my website after the completion?

You can make the changes easily after the creation of the website. You can easily update the data of your choice delete some products you don’t want and update any product or picture there will never be the issue with the whole site. Even you can add some posts.  Ecommerce sites have database which facilitate the customers with the service of performing any kind of function without hesitation.

What type of payments do you accept and what is the policy of payment?

We accept the payments through online transfers or through Pay Pal accounts we also receive payments through popular credit cards such as American express, Visa card and master cards. We prefer to take half of the amount before we start proper work.

What sort of changes I can perform on the website?

It all depends on the objective of the website. If the website is made for the business purpose you should include as many information as you can regarding the product or service which you are offering. On the other hand we will also discuss on this matter with you in detail and will guide you about the signing up of the site and other important things.

What is the layout of the page?

Layout of the page is the design of the page it shoes that how things will come on the and how it will look.

What about ecommerce website’s shipping gateway of payments?

We can embed the most famous gateway of the payments in your site quite easily and those are PayPal and Google checkout. Although you have to specify about your request regarding this services. In integration process we will with you and discuss you about the process.

Differentiate between dynamic and static website?

Static websites are most of the time written in the HTML language so if you want to make changes the only solution is to go in to each page of the site to make the changes which you cannot do by yourself you will need an expert who know HTML to maintain the site and make changes in the site on the other hand no database is involved in these type of sites.

Most of the sites are made in the dynamic manners because high databases are used in these sites most of the e commerce sites are dynamic because they use database. These websites are written in more complex language but provide a platform for the person who don’t know about the programming so that you can easily make changes according to your wish and update the database after giving all the important information.

Dynamic websites can decrease continuing preservation expenses if you don’t desire to modify things physically by means of a web page editor or with any kind of HTML. They typically charge extra to build up, as they need additional multifaceted system and content organization helpfulness requirements to be made to assist you supervise your website in sequence.

What will your requirement for the design of website?

In arrange to intend and plan your site, we require you to give us with the subsequent previous to opening. Extra belongings like site steering links, tape of video files, content, forms in soft copy for downloading are not obligatory and be able to included if you own them, We will also aid you in all the parts of the design of site

Logo of the site

Logos are most of the time provided by the customers when we are starting the site. This logo is taken from the brochures of the company and we take it in the format of jpg, png or in the format of PSD. If you do not own any logo we can provide you one.

Content and text:

All the text is provided by the customers. If you don’t have the existing content to provide we can provide you the content for your convenience. The sites should be provided in the text file or in the word document so that we can easily work on them.

Photos or images of site:

A picture speak thousand words this is the reason websites have to show some of the pictures and specifically when you want a business website than you have to give us the pictures of the products really matters a lot. These pictures should be in the format of JPG, PNG or GIF if you do not have some photos in the soft copy than you can take it from printable brochures and pamphlets. We can scan them if you send us your catalogue or pamphlet. We even have the digital photographers to take the photo of the products.

Keywords and word description

Most of the sites are using www some of the directories and search engines to find the site. These sites are using basically the keywords of the sites and the word description of the sites to become visible. Keywords and word description uses some of the phrases and words to make the site visible so if you want visibility of your site you have to add some of the words against your product.

Can you help me to re design my website?

Absolutely yes we are here for our valuable customer we can help you in any manner to achieve your goals of the business.