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Human Resource Management System

Every thing you need to manage your workforce

“HRMS” refers to human resource management system which can be software of computer used by employers to manage the HRMS’s functions of their respective organizations. The main function that it does is to keep the data history of employment of all the working staff members as well as of those who have left their firm. It helps the employers to have an in order data of metrics which surrounds a number of things. For example: The staff working in the firm, the performance of the respective staff, the management issues, and the loss and benefit the firm have had in the meantime. It should be noted that not all the companies/firms/organizations try to work on an HRM system, but, there are many benefits in doing so.

The efficiency and effectiveness that the Gensoft HRMS software

Gensoft HRMS software in Pakistan provides has made many companies realize its importance. This is the main reason that many companies have now started implementing this software in their respective companies/firms/organizations to keep their data in place and in order. The business personalities should consider having this software in their companies. Since, Gensoft HR software is something in which you will not feel regret after investing.

The functions that Gensoft HRMS software provides are numerous. Among those include:

  • The employee record and payrolls
  • information of performance and many more
  • the benefits attained, the attendance information

Human Resource Software Online Demo

We have set up a live demo for you to be able to human resource software right away without installation. Get a feel for it and put all the available functions to the test, Please note that this is a public live demo, so other users can edit data at the same time.

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Benefits of Gensoft HRMS Software in Pakistan

The one-stop shopping option

Data Integration


Automated Reminders

Hosting the documents of company

Recruiting Management

Recruiting management

Talk/Order to Pakistan HRM Expert

HRM Software Features

HRMS System Administration & User Roles

HRMS Company Reports & Calendar

HRMS Dashboard

Employee Self Service

Time & Attendance Management

Time Tracker

Payroll Online Software with HRMS

Performance Appraisal



HRM Mobile Apps

Asset Trackers

Document Manager

Export Information

Regularly Updated

Online Contact Management

Automated Reminders and Alerts

Salary & Job History

HRMS Reporting

Training, Skills and Awards


Health and Safety Records

Improve Communication


Organizational Charts

Warnings & Disciplinary Actions


Emergency and Dependents Lists

Company Property