Human Resource Management System

Everything you need to manage your workforce

“HRMS” refers to human resource management system which can be software of computer used by employers to manage the HRMS’s functions of their respective organizations. The main function that it does is to keep the data history of employment of all the working staff members as well as of those who have left their firm. It helps the employers to have an in order data of metrics which surrounds a number of things. For example: The staff working in the firm, the performance of the respective staff, the management issues, and the loss and benefit the firm have had in the meantime. It should be noted that not all the companies/firms/organizations try to work on an HRM system, but, there are many benefits in doing so.


The efficiency and effectiveness that the Gensoft HRMS software provides has made many companies realize its importance. This is the main reason that many companies have now started implementing this software in their respective companies/firms/organizations to keep their data in place and in order. The functions that HRMS software provides are numerous. Among those tasks include: The employee record, the payrolls, the benefits attained, the attendance information, the information of performance and many more. The business personalities should consider having this software in their companies. Since, Gensoft HR software is something in which you will not feel regret after investing.
Benefits of Gensoft HRMS software:
The one-stop shopping option:
The frequent advantages that an HRMS provides is mentioned as follows:
1) the entered information is required to be put one time only. The record of all employees and their tasks etc.
2) simultaneously, if there arises a need of changing the information of any employee, then, one can simply update it from one place and all the data will alter accordingly.
Data Integration: The different functions of the system can easily transfer the data, which allows having more meaningful reporting and having the capability of analyzing, which included the evaluations, audits and the data that can be prepared for outsiders.
Accuracy: The attained accuracy makes it reliable that the entered data has been put correctly and is manipulated correctly as well.
Self-service: This feature allows the employees to enter in the system and to change the data (Like: changing their information). Thereafter, the managers or supervisors of the respective company/firm/organization can also check the performance reviews and can even retrieve data without using the HR.
Automated Reminders: The system allows to schedule events, i.e. estimated performance, deadlines and automatically sending a notification if the given tasks are not done in the given time.
Hosting the documents of company:  The system has the function of hosting materials. For example: Keeping the employee handbooks, procedures and safety guidelines etc. If needed, the materials can be updated as well without much ordeal.
Administration benefits: It includes having enrollment, sending notices and reporting also the needed changes.

Recruiting management: It includes a number of things. Applicant tracking, management and reporting of the data. These are explained in detail in the following points:
One can eliminate the ordeal of continuously exchanging the recruitment related files in one time.
It allows a person to manage the profiles of the employee online, which can be done by having their online portfolios. This way, all the things will remain in one place and in one order.
Also the learning processes and the courses offered by the organization can be controlled through an online portal.
Due to the exceeded autonomy, it is expected having high satisfaction and productivity for an employee.
One can choose a central location in order to manage all the HR administrative tasks. For example: Search the names of the employees, choose the option of “favorite” to mark them and view organization’s trees. This way, one can analyze the reports- only a click away, meaning through dashboard.
Gensoft HRMS online software allows the employees to change their personal data or to update it, to update their skill sets, where they checked in/checked out. The managers of the company can have access to all information of the employers working under them or subordinates. They can moderate any of their employee’s updated information, can schedule time-off tasks as well and many other tasks.
It eliminates the errors that can be expected in manual entries. It consolidates the attendance data from multiple gadgets/devices etc. Also allows to customize the leaves of the employees, and to schedule the jobs and to create timesheets without much hard work.
It helps the employer to identify the skills of certain employees and how can they improve. It allows to set goals, to collect 360-degree feedback and to review the performance done; which fills the gap where employees are and where they should must be.
It also allows having scheduled reminders for main events. For example: Work anniversary etc. It also allows to have configured emails where the alerts for any incomplete work or changes in data are notified beforehand. For example: Changing the position of some employee or the department transfer of someone etc.


HRMS System Administration & User Roles
Gensoft HRMS web based system  have a central control of the core HR functions, it aims at the HR manager who is serving globally, and it offers having a stable module of System Administration. It (the module) provides an extensive tools’ set, and also it manipulates and extracts the data needed to create a secured and highly functional environment. It allows you to be organized and to store the employee’s information securely.


The HR Departments always require a system which allows them to keep the data of their employee stored confidentially. Gensoft employee management system makes it accessible to have the employee’s data stored and also defines the access permissions to certain individuals making it ensure that the information is secured and accessible all time.

HRMS Company Reports & Calendar
it allows you to plan and manage the availability of the employees by having a graphical representations of their leaves, holidays, weekends and other statuses. The engines which are specified for the reports allow to make the reports of the payroll, as well as the graphs of payroll. And other departments and management easily. After doing that, it allows to export them into CSV.

HRMS Dashboard

The Gensoft HRMS has a Professional Dashboard. This module integrates the information from various modules into a single unified display/place. It has user-friendly interface along with the trend graphs being real time. It also allows you having a list of pending HR tasks. The quick launch panel and reporting functions are also included in it.

The HRIS module has a workflow which suits the company or department of the company or to any certain vacancies. You can reach maximum the range of 1000’s of job boards all around the globe for having source and for building a prolific database of chief candidates.
It also has another feature, named as, built-in interview assistant. It allows you to conduct patterned interviews. The decision support system of it will provide with the insights of the personality as well as will predict the analysis to hire the most suitable candidate.

Employee Self Service.

With this feature of self-service, the employees can have access to their own records. And can also update their records by abiding by some rules established in this case.  By doing this, you are allowing the HR staff to be more efficient as it frees them from the ordeal of updating the entries manually. For example: An employee’s wants to have a leave. He enters in the system to book a leave and in the meantime, the system processes and generates some notifications. This way, it allows the supervisors whether to accept or reject their leave by performing the approvals options.
This Gensoft HRMS feature allows to have access to personal leave reports, also the leave calendar of department. And the screenshots of their usage did periodically. The supervisor can easily access the reports of leave of his subordinates and also can have access to the calendars.
Here are some key points:

Having ability to access one’s record and also to maintain it.
-Allowing to view the report of attendance, the report of leave and the balance between the two.
-One can also add jobs.
-It also allows to add log time for timesheets.
-It allows to view the approved leaves and permissions.
-It allows to have access to announcements.
-It allows to collaborate through the newsfeed.

Time & Attendance Management

Tracking the report of employee’s has never been that easy. This HRMS Online software allows you to track your employee’s time, the attendance of your employee as well as the absenteeism of the employee. You can have access to it even while being away.
It allows you to make strategic HR decisions which are based upon accurate data reported by the system with the help of the module namely “Time and Attendance management module.”
The timesheets, attendance and other management of the project is handled by the same module.
One can create reports and overviews as well from the manually entered information. Or one can use a biometric device. This allows an HR manager to increase his capabilities without having him increased his staff or budget.
-Web and mobile check in/out.
-Have customized settings.
-The attendance terminals allow API to integrate the Attendance system.
-It allows you to manage IP restrictions and user IDs as well.
-Also it allows you to perform shift mapping and multiple shifts.
-The graphical reports which are visually appealing.

Time Tracker

It allows you to track the work of your employee by regularly monitoring your team’s efficiency and the productivity that they show overall. With this module, the employees update time sheets and the supervisors then approve them.
The key features of this module are as follows:
-Schedule jobs.
-The record of job entries is done on weekly and monthly basis.
-The billable and non-billable hours are logged.
-Clear and accurate reports can be obtained.

Payroll Online Software with HRMS

Payroll management online deals with the employee’s salary, gross pay, allowances, detection’s & net pay etc. Payroll department generates specific period payroll slips of employees. The outstanding advantage of payroll system that it is easily implemented and provides detail reports and features.

Gensoft Payroll Insights is good software for the payroll management. It connects the HRMS, payrolls and accounts Professional and provides detailed and accurate salary processing. Some of the benefits of that software are mention below,

  • Manage the Employee data
  • Manage the emoluments, deduction, leave etc.
  • Provide Pay slip on just one mouse click.
  • Generate automatically pay slips according to the employee assigned salary.
  • Provide Good security system
  • Generate the respective reports like employee leave, attendance and payroll etc.

Performance Appraisal:-

Gensoft HRMS provides you the environment to analyze the performance of your employees. It gives the complete review of the employee performance in a systematic manner.

Gensoft Appraisal performance appraisal provides the ability to create custom performance and self-scaling of employee. This is a key thing for any company to check and update the performance of their employers. Some of the other benefits of this software are,

  • It provides 360 degree feedback.
  • It provides goal setting and tracking of records.
  • It provides employees self-appraisal.
  • It Provides quality reports.
  • It provides Analytics tools.


Gensoft HRMS training module provides maintenance and development skill for the job productivity. When you need to manage the new staff, the training mode of the software keeps your program employees progress on track and provide the complete status work.


ERP standardized the business processes, create the information between the different departments and structured this information between the organization employees in this way it provides the clear and handful strategy to the employees.

Enterprise resource planning (ERP) is a software application that provides the excellent flow of information between the various departments. Gensoft HRMS ERP contains all the information from finance, manufacturing, marketing department to sales HRM management.

Gensoft ERP payroll is very useful software it controls the single payment, multi payments and different operations in just a seconds.

HRM mobile Apps:-

To remain in connection with the company employees, the company owners use the HRM mobile apps which provide the vast employee database and directory. Employees and owners can easily check their day out schedule on the IOS and android mobile apps. Managers can set IP proxies and restrict parameters to check when and where their employees are clock in and clock out. Use this Mobile android and IOS apps employee can check the required database and managed the time sheets easily.

The Gensoft web based HRM is like auto manager; it manages the sheet and provides HR services when you are away from the office. Some of the more benefits are,

  • Provide Quick search tool
  • Provide flexible check in and check outs.
  • Shows the top up message of birthdays
  • Provide Call, text and emails option directly from the device.
  • Option to view organizational departments and their members.

Asset Trackers:-

Asset Trackers offers the excellent features to managers and administrative users. It improves the operational efficiency, strong inventory control, maintain the detailed asset information and manage the robust inventory management.


Document Manager:-

Gensoft HRM’s File cabinet is the most effective, useful and official file sharing tool. It contains the scanned images like resumes, application and accident reports of employees. You can convert this report in to word, Pdf and excel easily.

This Document manager allows the employees to send and share the company information between the company staffs. Company staff can transfer top secret files and data with privacy and security. You can store multiple files in it like payroll records, appointment letters, offer letters, contract agreements, insurance papers and other related documents. This software contains numbers of standard letters like approval letter, offer employment letter, and welcome letter for new employees, termination letter, employee survey, interview evaluation etc.

Online contact Management:-

Gensoft HRM contact management is an excellent tool for the organization and business. This software provides good management tools for the employees, contacts, organization, partners and vendors. Using CRM best practices you can see everything about the important dates, forms, background history and emails.

Gensoft Contact management is very powerful tool it keeps all the contacts and information of employee from his first day. More uses of Gene soft contact are:-

  • It saves Phones numbers.
  • It saves Emails.
  • It contains meeting notes.
  • It contains to-do-lists.
  • It contains documents.
  • It contains tags, notification and following.
  • It contains linking.
  • It contains mass emails and email templates.
  • It contains much more items.

Other Features:-

 Automated Reminders and Alerts
it contains reminders for benefit eligibility, probation periods, performance reviews anniversaries, training, birthdays, reports and other company schedule events. The specific prompts can be set, so the user will never miss the targeted date or deadline again.

Salary & Job History

It contains report work changes and all compensation upgrades. It likewise gives to see the compensation rundown of every staff web including pay, rewards and all conclusions. It rapidly breaks down the work history, for example, advancements and length of job in a position.

HRMS Reporting

Reporting contains the Gene soft HRM has over numerous standard reports, which will fulfill even the most complex reporting prerequisites. Reports can be customized by division, area, office and position. All data might be sent out to Excel for further customization.

Training, Skills and Awards

It contains the Track singular abilities, store required courses, confirmations and grades got. Report all recompenses, achievements and acknowledgment every worker has gotten throughout the years.


It contains the characterize advantages anticipates every representative. Track their qualification dates, premiums paid, recipients, multi-manager scope.

Health and Safety Records

It keeps up an exact history of all occurrences and mischances. Enter every single therapeutic appraisal performed for organization directions.

Improve Communication

It gives the exact correspondence data to workers and administration. Handle the most widely recognized inquiries asked by the staff rapidly.


It controls classified data with different security levels for various clients. Gensoft helps you agree to the new security laws.

Organizational Charts

It produces progressive organization graphs by sending out worker data. This will give a graphical perspective of the association demonstrating the reporting structure.

Warnings & Disciplinary Actions

It reports the all composed and verbal notices. Catch representative and manager remarks in addition to disciplinary


It stores sets of responsibilities, least ability necessities and compensation grade levels by position.

Emergency and Dependents Lists

It access to contact data rapidly in a therapeutic crisis.

Company Property

It knows which worker has what apparatus or gear. This module will help the organization control misfortune and guarantee property is returned when a representative isolates from the organization.

Regularly Updated

Routinely Updated Gene soft is an item that is keeping on developing. We are constantly enhancing and adding new usefulness to help our customers succeed in today’s evolving enactment.

Export Information

Send out Information gives effectively trade worker data to Microsoft Word or Excel. This usefulness is incredible for tweaking reports and importing data into different projects.