Affiliate Marketing Services

Affiliate marketing is marketing program or advertising program through earning a commission profit by promoting consumer’s company products or services. The affiliate marketing is based on two party basically, 1 Advertiser, 2 Publisher.

Advertiser is happy because of earning commission.

The Company or Publisher is also happy because of sale of product through advertiser platform.

Gensoft Group team can help your company/Publisher to promote your product/services through affiliate marketing platform, we can help you to improve you by affiliate network.

Gensoft Group practices prepared for affiliate advertising services are following.

Pay per Click (PPC): Advertisers have to disburse for the clicks they acquire to their website. The charge for promotion depends on numbers of click.

Pay per Sale: When a manufactured good or services is sold, some amount is remunerated to the e-commerce site as expenses for bringing customers.

Comparison Shopping: Some website compare the price of many company products or services. The customer gets idea & compare the price and go for sale.

Gensoft Group as affiliate marketing experts can help you some of following Affiliate Programs.

Commission Junction
Amazon Associates
Google Affiliate Network

Advantages of connecting an affiliate network

An affiliate network is a short-cut way of expanding company products or services in the internet. Consumer traffic is increased by affiliating network. The parent website, or the merchant, gets high traffic that would. The affiliates makes the possible, that merchant offers to the website in return of the promotion and lead generation. The customer access to the particular product or service that he/she is looking on marketplace at web. The publisher or advertiser both earns affiliate earning and products is sold.

Why Choose Gensoft Group Affiliate services?

Gensoft Group has speciality in years of experience in online marketing and especially in affiliate marketing, Gensoft Group also has vast experience of developing price comparison website for UK, Australia and USA. So the Gensoft Group understand the theory better from its affiliate network experience. We are focused to bringing you the most innovative marketing programs with the highest level of support. We have a deep thoughts in cost per sale Affiliate marketing